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Medical Insurance Plans

       We participate in a number of local and national medical insurance plans. There are also a number of plans with which we do not contract directly.  We fully recognize how difficult it can be to deal with the insurance companies and to try and figure out your level of coverage. the cartoon to the right sums it up pretty well.

       We contact your insurance company and get all the information about your coverage even before you come to our office. This proactive approach saves you both time and money.

       We are well-versed with the rules of out-of-network billing and we make appropriate arrangements with patients and their insurance companies in cases where we do not have a direct contract with the patient's  particular insurance plan. In these cases, where a patient is seeing us "out-of-network" we bill the insurance company directly on the patient's behalf thus minimizing the hassle-factor for the patient, and minimizing their upfront costs..

       We go out of our way to work with uninsured patients to make sure that they are still able to obtain their medical care without jeopardizing their financial situation. We consider providing discounted medical care as our way of contributing to the community that has been so great to us over the years.

Acupuncture and insurance

We are often asked whether acupuncture is a covered services under medical insurance. The answer is an unsurprising: "Sometimes!"

       Different insurance companies will pay for it, where as others will not. Still others will pay for it for some conditions but not for others. Medicare is one insurance plan that will pay for medical evaluation associated with office visits but will not pay for acupuncture.

       It is our understanding that we are prohibited by law from posting our fee schedule online, but we can say that someone coming in strictly for acupuncture (i.e. no associated medical care provided) can expect to pay out of pocket considerably less than a $100 per session.

       In most cases the insurance company supplements what a patient pays. If we participate with your plan and it covers acupuncture, expect to only pay a regular co-pay with every visit.

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