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       Dr. Boguslavsky arrived to the United States at age 13 from Russia. He grew up in Northern New Jersey. Please see below the details of his education, professional experience, Board Certifications, and general philosophy on the profession of medicine and the process of healing. 


1995–1999        Tufts University                                              Somerville, MA
n  Bachelor of Arts in American History
n  Graduated cum laude

1999–2003        Robert Wood Johnson Medical School            Camden, NJ

n  Doctor of Medicine

n  Recognized as the Family Practice Medical Student of the Year

n  Student Representative to the New Jersey Academy of Family Practice


2005–2006     UCLA Helms Medical Acupuncture Institute     Berkley, CA

n  Completed Medical Acupuncture Training Course for Physicians

n  Completed Advanced Acupuncture training in Ear and Scalp Acupuncture




2003-2006                     Somerset Family Practice             Bridgewater, NJ

Resident Family Physician


n  Excelled in procedurally-based skills

n  Obtained a NJ Medical License

n  Assisted with the financial analysis of the medical practice as
a member of the Practice Management Steering Committee

n  Designed and implemented a time study and a patient flow study

n  Recognized as the STFM Family Practice Resident Teacher of the Year

n  Routinely achieved the top marks on the Family Practice Intraining Exams

n  Fully redesigned case-based education curriculum at the residency

n  Presented three Medical Grand Rounds

n  Mentored patients, junior residents and medical students

2005-2006                    Access Medical, LLC.                    Branchburg, NJ

Family Doctor/Urgent Care Physician

n  Saw patients for complaints of acute and chromic nature

n  Gained familiarity with DOT & pre-employment physicals

n  Performed a number of procedures such as splinting, casting, suturing, trigger point injections, joint injections, ingrown toenail removal, skin biopsy, etc.

n  Personally read X-rays done on premises


2006-Current            Somerset Medical Center               Somerville, NJ

House Covering Physician, Intensive Care Covering Doctor

n  See inpatients acutely requiring immediate medical attention

n  Manage severely ill patients in the intensive care units

n  Supervise medical residents

n  Supervise cardiovascular resuscitation efforts on dying patients


2006-Current  PremierMD/Premier Medical Acupuncture   Bridgewater, NJ

Family Physician, Medical Acupuncturist

n  See patients for traditional Family Medicine problems

n  Pay house calls to see newborns and patients too ill to travel

n  See patients hospitalized at Somerset Medical Center

n  Coordinate medical care with numerous medical specialists in the area

n  Treat patients with pain and functional disorders utilizing acupuncture and
   Chinese herbal formulae, along with Western medicines as appropriate


      Most patients come to physicians because they feel unwell. The physician's primary focus is on making sure the patients' symptoms aren't a sign of a major life-threatening illness, while the patient is often more concerned with feeling better. Most of the time their interests align and the patient with classic symptoms is easily diagnosed and treated and the vast majority of the time leaves happy with the outcome of the encounter.

      Often however, the patient presents with unusual symptoms that fail to reveal their source despite extensive work-ups and visits to numerous specialists. These symptoms, like fatigue, insomnia muscle pain, or digestive irregularities are often clustered into a category of "functional complaints," as opposed to organic illnesses where a diagnoses and treatment courses are both apparent. Functional complaints won't kill a patient, but they are nonetheless very bothersome to a patient. Often these symptoms will not respond to conventional medical treatments.

      It is particularly in this area where Chinese medicine shines the brightest. On many occasions the patients' response to acupuncture can be dramatic and swift. Symptoms that may have plagued a patient for 20 years resolve in a few sessions. While that is certainly not the norm, it happens often enough to convincingly prove the value of acupuncture in a physicians' toolkit. Also, having an MD acupuncturist, as opposed to someone trained solely in acupuncture, is safer for the patient. There is more knowledge of important anatomy, more insight into serious causes of illness and there is much less likelihood of a missed serious diagnosis.

      It is important for us to take care of our bodies, and there is an extensive emphasis placed in the practice on preventative care. We want our patients to stay healthy as long as possible by controlling their risk factors such as cholesterol and obesity, through proper preventative screening, such as mammography and colonoscopy, and through body conditioning, such as a regular exercise of stretching routines. The doctor is more focused than most on addressing the various vitamin and mineral deficiencies caused by a typical diet.

      Ultimately there is more to being healthy than just being sick. The patients are expected to take full responsibilities for their well-being and for making the best choices when it comes to their health. The doctor's function is to support the patients during their life journeys and to make sure they are in the best physical, emotional and spiritual health they can be.