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       PremierMD is a medical practice following the traditional Family Medicine model with a few notable exceptions:
  • We spend as much time with each patient as is needed (no six minute visits here).
  • We maximize our use of technology through our use of electronic medical records, electronic prescription ordering and electronic communication.
  • We make house calls and see our patients in the hospital. More on each of those below.

Time with the doctor

      Study after study shows that patients are dissatisfied with the brevity of their encounters with the doctor. Most doctors rush from patient to patient not because they are less caring, but because of the financial pressures of the modern healthcare system. Our unique low-flow and low-overhead practice design allows us more time with each patient.

      For starters, the doctor allows more time for each visit than is common for the profession. Each new patient spends upwards of an hour with the doctor so that the current set of symptoms and their evolution in the patient can all be thoroughly assessed and explored. The patient's past medical and social history is considered, risk factors for future disease are assessed and ultimately the presenting complaint is diagnosed and treated.

      The treatment may be as simple as recommending a specific set of exercises, prescribing a medicine or as involved as obtaining imaging studies and arranging follow-up with local specialists. Dr. Boguslavsky is on staff at Somerset Medical Center where he follows his patients ill enough to be hospitalized.

       Each follow-up appointment is allotted a half hour with the doctor, which allows for further assessment of the patient's response to treatment, and further modifications are made to the treatment plan. An amazing thing happens when a physician is able to devote the necessary time to each patient!

Our Use of Technology
       Despite practicing 3000 year old art of medical acupuncture, we are innovators in the field of medical informatics, and we are at the forefront of medical technology. We have a completely paperless medical records system that helps us eliminate chart losses, and lets us stay abreast of the latest medical guidelines.

       We generate electronic orders for bloodwork. Results get imported into electronic medical charts and never get lost. Every lab value is reviewed by the doctor and the patients are notified of the results as soon as we get them. We have a reminder system to let us know when the patient is due to repeat tests and bloodwork. This helps us make sure that our patients stay on track with their preventative care.

       Our medication cross-checking system adds an extra layer of safety and protection from medication interactions and errors. We take advantage of electronic prescription-writing. This is much better for the patients as there are no scripts to lose and the patient can usually head from our office straight to the pharmacy where their medications are already waiting for them.

Our Patients

Dr. Boguslavsky sees a broad spectrum or patients and illnesses. From seeing newborns to septuagenarians, from managing acute sinus infection to helping a patient with chronic congestive heart failure, he is always there for his patients and their families. Please take a look in the section on areas of expertise for more specifics of the conditions commonly seen in our office. Or read the section called Success Stories for some of the patient comments we've gotten over the years.

       Two other areas that set our practice apart - we follow our patients into the hospital and pay house calls on newborns.

       When our patients are sick enough to be admitted into the hospital we coordinate care among the coterie of specialists and make sure that everyone is on the same page.

       We work with a local midwife to make sure that the babies she delivers at home are seen by a doctor within a few days after their delivery. This is especially appreciated by a recovering new mom, and decreases the exposure of that newborn to the sick people commonly present in the waiting room of a doctor's office. We will also pay a visit to a patient too sick to make it into the office.

       While we don't do any obstetrical or gynecologic care, we have established relationships with local area physicians to whom we refer our patients. 

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