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      Most patients at some point or another have had a functional complaint such as a headache, or sore neck, or a subtle change in their bowel habits. It can be very frustrating for a patient to see a doctor with such a complaint and be turned away with the following advice: "Don't worry about it, this will resolve by itself."

      Although the tincture of time does usually heal, the patient's discomfort which prompted the visit in the first place is not alleviated by their doctor's intervention. in cases such like these, acupuncture can be an effective treatment modality for treating functional symptoms in an effective and safe fashion.

      Research has shown that most people gain relief from their symptoms with acupuncture. It does not work for everybody and every condition but, frequently, good results are achieved when more conventional medicine has failed. It was developed over 3000 years ago and has evolved into a comprehensive medical system complete, with it's own language, diagnoses, symptoms constellations and specific treatments.

      Medical acupuncture, developed over the last 250 years seeks to combine acupuncture with the modern knowledge of science, biology, anatomy and psychology. It seeks to bridge the gap between the great insights of the ancients with the major advancements of modern science. In the US it is only practiced by physicians.

Typical treatment

       After the doctor spends a great deal of time interviewing a patient and reviewing the relevant notes, imaging study results and old records, the patient is asked to proceed to a treatment room and disrobe. Gowns are provided for patient comfort. A thorough traditional medical exam is followed by a specialized Chinese medical examination which may be particularly focused on a patient's tongue and his pulse.

       After the doctor arrives at a diagnosis a number of thin sterile needles is inserted in the specific spots on the body knows as acu-points. Research suggests that the specific functions of the acu-points are derived from their anatomic locations, nerve proximity and the autonomic response triggered with an acupuncture needles. Research also suggests that the effects are far-reaching, from a localized impact where the needle is placed to the spinal cord where there are changes in the cerebral spinal fluid to the regions of the brain that process pain and discomfort.

       The needles may or may not be hooked up to an electric stimulator which provides low-voltage stimulation at the acupuncture points to further potentiate the therapeutic treatment. This is not uncomfortable and most patients just feel a slight tapping or a buzzing sensation.

        Most treatments last 15 to 20minutes at which point the needles are withdrawn and the pt leaves feeling regenerated and more relaxed. It is not uncommon for there to be an immediate analgesic effect.

Acupuncture Safety

      Acupuncture is absolutely safe when practiced by physicians appropriately trained in it. The needles used are disposable and are never used more than once in our office.